Logan O’Connor #25

2021-23 Adidas Military MiC (Size 56)
Customized by Windy City Sweaters with a Pro Jersey Lettering Kit!

This jersey might have the weirdest ‘origin story’ of any jersey in my collection. I picked up this jersey at the 2022-23 Opening Night Closeout Sale. This is a No Numbers on Back, JT Miller semi-prepared, Avalanche Military Jersey. The trade rumor mill must have been churning full steam ahead as someone else at the sale grabbed a Claude Giroux semi-prepared jersey (also no numbers, but had a nameplate like mine). Originally, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep the jersey, sell it, or trade it, but I decided to hang on to it, and customize it as LOC, as he was the last player I needed for my Roster Project! I contacted PJL to order a kit and sent it off to my buddy MBur with Windy City Sweaters to get everything sewn down!

Here are some photos of the jersey in its original state…

Here are some photos of what I’m trying to re-create, Logan O’Connor’s actual Military Warmup jersey. I won’t be able to re-create the sublimated ‘nameplate’ on the front of the jersey, but the Avs did not add that on the 2022-23 Military Warmup jerseys. Either way, I’m very pleased with how the kit from PJL turned out!