Lanny McDonald #9

Colorado RockiesCCM Vintage 6100 (Size 48)
Customized by Liberty Bell Jerseys (with a Pro Jersey Lettering kit)

This was “scouted” by a jersey buddy of mine, Neilster, on Discord and snagged by another jersey buddy, Warped, to make sure it wasn’t gobbled up by someone else to flip.  Warped had recently sold a larger-sized one but was willing to pass it along at the price he paid if someone was interested.  It didn’t take long until he let some of us know he was looking to sell some jerseys after making some other purchases, that’s where I came in, to take this one off his hands.

I wasn’t initially sure who to put on the jersey, but it didn’t take too long to settle on Hockey Hall of Famer Lanny “The Lorax” McDonald! I coordinated with Matt at Liberty Bell Jerseys to get a kit ordered through Pro Jersey Lettering. Matt took care of ordering the kit from PJL and did his magic customizing the jersey!

I’ve got a couple more jerseys in this batch, but Matt sent me these photos to hold me over until everything in this batch is completed!