Valeri Nichushkin #43

Dallas Stars
2016-17 Reebok Edge 2.0 (Size 58) – Game Issued
Same style worn as during his NHL Rookie Year & First NHL Goal (11/03/2013)

I picked up this jersey from the 2022 MeiGray sale for what I thought was a great price on a Nichushkin game-issued jersey (under $200 shipped)!  The jersey was prepared for Nuke for the 2016-17 season, but after he and the Dallas Stars couldn’t agree on a contract after his entry-level contract had expired, Nuke decided to play with CSKA in the KHL that year.  He returned to the Stars after 2 years in the KHL for the 18-19 season but was bought out and placed on waivers at the end of the 18-19 season.  The Avs signed Nuke to a one year deal for the 19-20 season and he started to show the same promise he did in his rookie year.  He finished the 19-20 season with 27 points (the second highest of his career) and finished 8th in the Selke voting that year.  To start the 19-20 season, the Avs re-signed Nuke to a 2-year $5 million extension.  After winning the Stanley Cup with the Avalanche, Nuke signed an eight-year $49 million extension to stay with the Avalanche!


While not a rookie year jersey (and neither are any of my authentic recreations), this would have been the same style Nuke wore during his rookie year and for his first NHL goal.