Joe Sakic #19

Quebec Nordiques
CCM Vintage 6100 (Size 48)
Customized by Liberty Bell Jerseys (with a Pro Jersey Lettering kit)

I made a post on some of the Jersey Facebook groups trying to see if I could find anyone who would be willing to trade their size 48 Nords Vintage Authentic for my size 52.  I received a message the same day from someone who I had previously contacted about buying their size 48.  He said he would be willing to trade if I was willing to cover shipping.  I felt that was more than fair, we sent our jerseys off the same day and less than a week later it had arrived!


I found this auction on eBay and although it was a 52, my quest to find (an affordable) size 48 has proven impossible.  I put affordable as I did come across a couple of 48s but were out of the range I was willing to pay for a Vintage Authentic.  I’m not 100% sure on who I’ll have put on this jersey, but I’m leaning toward Sakic with an 1893-1993 Coupe Stanley patch.  Since the jersey is a Vintage Authentic and not an Ultrafil Big Block, I’m leaning toward a replica patch…