Nathan MacKinnon #29

2011-15 Reebok Edge 2.0 (Size 56) – Team Issued
Rookie Jersey and First NHL Goal Recreation!
Jersey Stripped by Liberty Bell Jerseys
Customized by Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS)

I had this jersey customized to the same style worn by MacKinnon his rookie year and his first NHL goal!

I sent this jersey off to EPS in Jan 2022 and got it back in June 2022, about 2 months faster than I expected it!

I bought this jersey from Meigray through eBay and got it for almost the minimum price.  The winning bid was $102.50.  This was before Meigray upped their prices on Team Issued/Game Issued Jerseys to $124.99 in 2022. 

This jersey was originally issued to Stephan Silas, but he did not make it up to the NHL.  I figured this would be a cheap-ish way to finally upgrade my MacKinnon Indo Edge jersey in this style.  I sent the jersey directly to Dex at Liberty Bell Jerseys to strip and clean before sending it off to EPS. 

It’s a 56 which is a bit big on me but finding an authentic version of this style of jersey pretty tough.  I figure Murphy’s Law will be in full effect and a blank 54 or smaller will pop up just after I get this jersey back from EPS 😉

Here’s a video of MacKinnon’s first NHL goal!

Here are some photos of the jersey with the original kit and of the jersey stripped…