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Welcome to my jersey website!  My goal is to collect an Authentic jersey of every style the Colorado Avalanche have worn! I originally completed this goal in November/December 2021 when I purchased a Joe Sakic Reebok 6100 Alternate jersey! I completed the collection again in February 2023 when I added a blank Adidas PG MiC Alternate! Check out my Wishlist for jerseys I’m trying to track down.

When I started out on this endeavor I really didn’t have a plan, at all.  After starting to collect a few Authentic jerseys, I thought it would be fun to try and recreate some rookie-year jerseys, check out my Rookie Jersey Collection here!  For those players that weren’t drafted by the Avs (and if I didn’t already have a jersey of theirs), I figured I could recreate a jersey of their debut year with the Avs.

While diving into the rookie/debut project, I was talked into starting a Nathan MacKinnon collection as well!

After I picked up an Adam Foote game-issued jersey, I decided to start an Adam Foote collection too!

Following the Avalanche winning the 2022 Stanley Cup, I started my Roster Project, with my goal being to collect a jersey from everyone whose name is engraved on the Stanley Cup, in the same style they would have worn for their rookie year and/or first NHL Goal! This was the first time I added another NHL team to my collection.

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