Mikko Rantanen #96

2016-17 Reebok Edge 2.0 (Size 58) – Warmup Worn!
Rookie Jersey and worn the night of his First NHL Goal!

I came across this jersey on eBay and immediately added it to my Watch List, not because I planned on buying it, but because I wanted to see how quickly it sold and what price it went for, if below asking. It was initially listed for $750 and it was maybe on eBay for a month or so when the seller lowered the price by $25. I had a moment and decided to do a little more research about this jersey.

This Military Appreciation jersey was actually worn on Veteran’s Day, which isn’t always the case. I attended an Avalanche game on Veteran’s Day in 2021, but the Avs hosted their Military Appreciation later that season on March 25th, 2022. When I checked Getty Images, I saw two things that caught my immediate attention. A photo of Mikko wearing this warmup jersey, and a photo of Mikko posing with the puck of his First NHL Goal!

After contemplating much of the day whether I seriously wanted to pursue this jersey, I decided to test the water and sent a pretty low offer of $400 to see if it would go through or get automatically declined. To my surprise, it was not automatically declined. Later the seller countered at $650, to which I re-countered to $500. Unfortunately, the seller declined my $500 offer, but later that afternoon I sent an offer of $650 to the seller, which they accepted later that night! Hopefully, I can recoup a big chunk of that by selling my Mikko Edge 2.0 Team Issued jersey, in the same style he worn for his First NHL Goal!

A photo of Mikko wearing this jersey during warmups and of Mikko posing with his First NHL Goal puck!!

A highlight of Mikko’s First NHL Goal, scored that night!