Nathan MacKinnon #29

2017-21 Adidas MiC (Size 54)
With Authentic NHL 100th and 2017 Global Series Patch
Customized by Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS)

I picked up this jersey blank on eBay and had originally planned to put Makar on it with the Avs 25th season patch.  My initial thought process was to upgrade and replace the Makar Indo jersey I had bought earlier in the summer before I got bit by the MiC bug/obsession.  After starting the MacKinnon collection and realizing how hard size 54 MiCs, in general, were to find, let alone another away size 54 MiC size, I asked EPS to change both of my jerseys with them (a home MiC and this away MiC) to MacKinnon.  I figured another home size 54 MiC would be easier to find for Makar and would also allow me to recreate a Makar NHL and First NHL goal jersey!  I got the jersey back from EPS, I sent it off to my buddy MBur with Windy City Sweaters to have the NHL 100th and Global Series patches sewn on.