Nathan MacKinnon #29

2020 Adidas Stadium Series MiC (Size 54)
with Authentic 2020 Stadium Series Patch
Customized by Cutting Edge Sports (CES)

I had found a size 56 MiC Avs 2020 Stadium Series pretty easily and for a great price.  Once I started collecting size 54 MiCs, I knew I’d eventually want a 54 2020 Stadium Series.  I held off on customizing the 56 I had for a while hoping I’d find someone with a 54 who might want to trade.  I eventually gave up and figured I’d tempt Murphy by sending off the 56 I had to be customized in December 2021.  Sure enough in February 2022, a 54 finally popped up and thanks to pretty much the entire Hockey Jersey Discord Server, I was made aware of its existence (aka everyone pinged the shit out of me when it popped up) :D.  As a bonus, I sold the MacKinnon size 56 pretty quickly!