Joe Sakic #19

Colorado Avalanche – 1995-96 Starter (Size 52) – Retail Authentic
Inaugural Jersey with Replica 1996 Stanley Cup Finals Patch. Same style worn for the presentation of the Conn Smythe Trophy and Stanley Cup!
Customized by Liam “El Grande”

Liam aka “El Grande” absolutely nailed it with this jersey.  From stripping off the original kit, to hand drawing a replacement kit based on photos and measurements from actual game-worn jerseys, and reapplying the new kit, I am thrilled to have this one back with spot-on customization work that I’m proud to show off now!

‚ÄčScroll down to the bottom for photos of the jersey with the original customization work I did, when I thought I knew what I was doing.  Thankfully now I know that I don’t know what I’m doing, I have found others that do know what they’re doing to fix what I did when I thought I knew what I was doing ūüėÄ


‚ÄčI knew who would be on this jersey before I even bought it.  Conn Smythe Winner Joe Sakic.

‚Äč‚ÄčI bought this jersey like my white inaugural on eBay.

‚ÄčThis jersey was one of the first authentics I bought, and before I really knew about all the nuances and variations of the Avs fonts and numbers in their Starter Jersey era.  I purchased a jersey kit from Customize Sports and sent it off to Hockey Authentic to get everything sewn on.  After sharing this project on the Hockey Jerseys Discord, I quickly learned that the kit was incorrect.

‚ÄčThankfully this jersey, along with the Forsberg is being fixed but one of the best in the Hockey Jersey Community.  I’ll post the new pics (and keep the old pics) for comparison once the jersey is back.

The inspiration for this jersey is Conn Smythe Winner, Joe Sakic! Here’s a video of Joe accepting the Conn Smythe and the Stanley Cup!

Here are some side-by-side photos of how the jersey looked with the first kit I bought for it, compared to how it looks now…