Chris Drury #37

Colorado Avalanche1997-99 Starter (Size 48) – Team Issued
Same style worn for Rookie Year and First NHL Goal!

Customized when purchased, believed to be Factory Customization…

I saw this jersey pop up on a couple of Hockey Jersey Facebook groups and was immediately interested.  I had heard about Berlin Starter Jerseys (Team Issued jerseys) but had not seen one for sale.  The problem was I already had this style covered with a Theo Fleury jersey.  The price on this jersey was too good to pass up so I messaged the seller and with him being local decided to meet up during the Avs Summer Blowout sale they were having at the team store the next day.  I met with Joel and we chit-chatted for a bit before completing the transaction and heading into the madness that was the sale.  I didn’t buy anything from the Ball Arena Team Store as the lines were crazy and I didn’t want to subject my wife and son to waiting around for me to spend more money.

I like to think it was good hockey jersey karma for Joel as I later found out that he had found a customized Avalanche Reverse Retro jersey that was hidden somewhere behind some hoodies within the Team Store.  He told me he didn’t hesitate to purchase it, even though it wasn’t in the best shape and unfortunately contained the factory customization with vinyl lettering instead of the proper customization of stacked twill.  Regardless Joel said he was pretty stoked!