Adam Foote #52

Columbus Blue Jackets
WIP 2005-07 Alternate Reebok 6100 (Size 48) – Retail Authentic
Awaiting shipment to Liberty Bell Jerseys (LBJ) for customization

I found this CBJ Alternate 6100 on eBay but the initial listing price was beyond what I wanted to spend on a Blue Jackets jersey, while going through another downsize/re-focus the collection phase. I sent in an offer a little more than I was hoping to pay. The seller replied with a counteroffer. He went through a couple of rounds of lowering the prices. That’s when I sent in my offer and it was accepted. I got this jersey in on Feb 15th, 2024 and I’m awaiting the green light from Matt with Liberty Bell Jerseys to ship it off to him for customization!