Kansas State Wildcats Roller Hockey

WIP White TI – To Be redone with my name and number…

I played club roller hockey in college at Kansas State University and had my own jerseys.  Shortly after graduating college, enlisting in the Army, and being stationed in Hawaii, something happened to my stuff in storage, that I won’t get into on this site.  My K-State Hockey jerseys along with my Topeka Tarantulas jerseys were gone :'(

Ever since then I had been on the lookout for some K-State Roller Hockey Jerseys to replace and potentially redo them with my name and number.  I came across these two jerseys that were listed on eBay from the same seller.  After getting serious about collecting hockey jerseys in the summer of 2021, I contacted the seller and explained my story.  I got a really good deal as the seller passed these along at his cost to me!

I’ve still got a long list of jerseys I’d like to get customized, so I’m just waiting until the time is right to get these done