Tyson Barrie #22

Nashville Predators
2022-23 Adidas MiC (Size 56) – Game Worn
Away Set 2 – Photomatched to 1 Game!
1 Goal, 1 Assists, 2 Points in 6 Games!

I had my eye on this jersey on Meigray for a while, especially since it covered his Preds debut and first Preds goal but didn’t pull the trigger on pre-ordering right away. It wasn’t until the first Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs that I wound up locking down this jersey. My jersey buddy Keo asked for some help in obtaining the jersey of the first Kraken player to score a playoff goal. He was working that night and wasn’t sure if he’d have time to complete the purchase or not. So the Kraken score their first playoff goal by Eeli Tolvanen pretty early into the game. I run downstairs to my laptop and quickly purchase Tolvanen’s jersey and excitedly message Keo. He quickly notices a problem, I pre-ordered the Blue Home jersey instead of the White Away jersey. In a panic I email Meigray explaining what happened and asked if it couldn’t be cancelled to switch to another jersey. I get an email back first thing in the morning from Meigray saying no problem, they can switch my pre-order to something else. I ask to switch to this Tyson Barrie jersey and they accommodate my request, and make an exception to switches being at least equal or greater value.

This jersey was worn for 6 games where Tyson tallied 1 Goal and 1 Assist. This game also features his Nashville Predators debut against the Florida Panthers (3/2/2023) and his first Predators Goal against the Chicago Blackhawks (3/4/2023). The assist was tallied against the Vancouver Canucks (3/6/2023).

Game Worn Stats – 6 Games Played, 1 Goal, 1 Assists, 2 Points

  • 3/2/2023 at Florida Panthers – 0 PTS, 21:58 TOI – Debut Game with the Nashville Predators!
  • 3/4/2023 at Chicago Blackhawks – 1 G, 19:39 TOI – First Goal with the Nashville Predators!
  • 3/6/2023 at Vancouver Canucks – 1 A, 22:03 TOI
  • 3/9/2023 at Arizona Coyotes – 0 PTS, 21:37 TOI – Photomatched
  • 3/11/2023 at Los Angeles Kings – 0 PTS, 22:43 TOI
  • 3/12/2023 at Anaheim Ducks – 0 PTS, 20:28 TOI

Photo Matches

March 9, 2023 vs Arizona

Here’s the replay of Tyson’s goal against the Blackhawks on 3/4/2023, his first goal with the Nashville Predators