Adam Foote #52 – WIP

Quebec Nordiques – 1991-95 Home CCM Ultrafil ‘Big Block’ (Size 48)
Same style worn for NHL Debut, First NHL Point, and First NHL Goal!

These two Ultrafil ‘Big Block’ jerseys popped up on eBay as a BIN listing at probably the worst time possible.  I had just purchased a ticket to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals and had just won the auction for the Blue Vintage Nords jersey the day prior.  Seeing what customized ones had recently sold for, I reluctantly pulled the trigger on both.  My buddy Warped had already sent me an authentic NHL 75th patch that would go on this Foote rookie jersey recreation!  Footers would have worn this style of jersey for his NHL Debut (10/19/91), his First NHL Point (11/21/91), and his First NHL Goal (01/14/92).