Walt Poddubny #75

Quebec Nordiques – 1987-1990 Home CCM Ultrafil ‘Small Block’ (Size 54) – WIP
Already customized when purchased, believed to be Factory Customization…

Future Joe Sakic #88
Once finished, it will be the same style worn for Sakic’s Rookie Year and First NHL Goal!

I am super stoked to have found a Nordiques Small Block to add to my collection! It was a jersey I didn’t think I would ever find.

I purchased this jersey from a Hockey Jersey group on Facebook, and later found out the seller was on Discord as well. Small block Nordiques, named for the style of the CCM logo on the jersey, do not pop up often, or really ever, mostly due to the age of the jersey. When they do pop up, it’s usually a game worn jersey, which is a big no no in the hockey jersey community to strip and redo as another player.

All the customization, and the Fleur de Lis on the jersey are made of vinyl, which is a horrible choice for a hockey jersey. Over time the vinyl dries, cracks, and flakes off. Restoring these jerseys is almost always a complete strip and redo and becomes a very long and involved process. I know of one ever that’s been restored, and it looks amazing. It’s also the only style (without being a jersey foul) that would work for a Sakic rookie year, and also the only year he wore #88.

The jersey shipped from Australia on February 8th and it was delivered to me on February 15th!