Adam Foote #52

2000-04 Koho 6100 (Size 48)
With replica/reproduction 2001 Stanley Cup Finals Patch
Customized by First Line Jerseys

Oh boy, this jersey needed some work and TLC. I picked this jersey up for a decent price off of Goodwill Auctions of all places. I had a couple of jersey buddies ‘scout’ it for me, aka point it out when they came across it. I got it for just over $150 shipped, which isn’t too bad considering I paid double that for a blank (albeit in much better condition).

I knew the jersey would be a complete strip, but beyond seeing a couple of photos, I didn’t really know the true condition it was in. The crest looks to be in pretty good shape, however, the fight strap was cut, aka the jersey was neutered :'( by a previous owner. It’s something that can be fixed, but I don’t know if that’s something I’ll have somebody else do, or have EPS do it when it’s being re-customized (and hope they do it right).

My jersey buddy Warped was nice enough to offer to strip this jersey for me and from the pictures he sent me, it looks like a brand-new jersey!!!

I ended up sending this jersey off to Tom at First Line Jerseys since I knew he could fix the fight strap correctly and do an awesome job customizing it in one go! Little did I know that Tom started hand drawing and cutting his own kits! I’m super stoked to have a Footers with a Stanley Cup Patch in my collection! Tom as always was kind enough to send photos of the jersey completed I could use to update my website to hold me over until the jersey arrived 😉

I thought pretty heavily about putting Roy on a Dark/Away jersey for his clutch shutout in Game 6. But a Patrick Roy Conn Smythe recreation jersey sounded like the right choice. So I went with Footers for his Game 6 Game Winning Goal!

Here are some photos of the jersey when I first got it…

Here are some photos of the jersey after my buddy Warped stripped and cleaned it…