Adam Foote #52

2001-04 Koho 6100 (Size 48)
Restored by Liam “El Grande”

Already customized when purchased, believed to be Factory Customization

I picked up this jersey on eBay and knew it’d be a little bit of a project as it had some pretty visible stains and was “neutered” aka the fight strap was cut off. I tried the good old trick of “souping” the jersey, basically soaking it in an Oxi Bath for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, those stains were super persistent and I wasn’t able to get them cleaned up. I wanted to get a fight strap reapplied and was planning to send off some jerseys to Liam aka “El Grande”. I asked if I could send this jersey with the others so he could add a fight strap and maybe try some of his tricks on the stains.

When Grande was finished, this jersey came back looking like it was brand new! In his words, he said he was able to get almost all of the stains completely removed. I think he’s seeing things as I can’t seem to find any spots he wasn’t able to clean up :D. In addition to applying a new fight strap, he also took the time to smooth out the back numbers!

​Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see side-by-side photos of the jersey before and after it was restored…

Here are some side-by-side photos of how the jersey looked before and after Grande restored it! The color is off in the before photos due to poor/incorrect white balance…