Milan Hejduk #23

2005-07 Reebok 6100 (Size 48)
Jersey stripped and cleaned by Liberty Bell Jerseys

Customized by Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS)

I found this jersey by accident when someone responded to an ISO post about a Reebok Edge jersey I was looking for.  I agreed to buy their Reebok Edge then they asked if I was interested in any other of their Avs jerseys.  I immediately spotted this Reebok 6100 Alternate and asked what size it was.  Once I learned it was a size 48, I knew this be a great way to complete my size 48 Avalanche 6100 collection!

It was originally customized as Jordan Leopold but after getting it, I quickly sent it off to Matt at Liberty Bell Jerseys for a strip and clean before it would be headed off to EPS to be re-customized as Hejduk with an Avs 10th season patch!

Here are some photos of the jersey with the original kit and photos of it stripped…