Adam Foote #52

2007-11 Reebok Edge 2.0 (Size 52) – Team Issued
First Game as Avalanche Captain Recreation with Authentic Sakic Retirement Patch

Customized by Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS)

This one I came across on eBay but as an auction.  Starting bid was $100 and it got a bid pretty early on.  I was driving out to my buddy’s house when the auction was set to end, I remember pulling over, hoping I had enough cell reception, and put in my max bid with a couple of minutes left.  I became the highest bidder at $102.50.  The auction kept counting down and I kept waiting for more bids to come in, they never did.  I came away with this team-issued jersey for $102.50!  I wasn’t entirely sure whom to put on the jersey, but after seeing the winning bid contained 52 (albeit backward) along with the size being 52, I figured no better player than Footers!  This would basically be an authentic recreation of the first jersey I bought, a Reebok Premier Footers Captain!  A buddy from Discord hooked me up with an Authentic Joe Sakic Retirement Patch (stripped off of a TI/GI jersey) that he mailed to EPS to be added to this jersey on the fly!

Here are photos of the inspiration for this jersey, the first NHL jersey I ever purchased…

Side-by-side comparisons of the Premier (left) vs Edge (right) jerseys…