Adam Foote #52

2008-09 Reebok Edge 2.0 (Size 58+) – Game Issued
White Promotional Jersey (4/12/2009) – Jerseys Off Our Backs Night 2009

What an emotional roller coaster with this jersey. I first saw it on eBay on 12/31. There weren’t a whole lot of pictures, but it looked promising. I messaged the seller and asked what size it was. They replied back pretty quick that it was a 58+ and they’d upload photos of the size tag and the authentication tag to the listing. That was good enough for me to take the risk, and with it being on eBay if it was a scam or not as described I’d get my money back. So I purchased the listing.

The seller, who was selling it for a friend, said they listed the price wrong and would be canceling it. I asked what they’d be relisting it for. The eBay seller said the owner thought it was worth 3-4k. I knew that number was astronomical so I did a little research on the jersey and reached out to Kraig, the Adam Foote expert on the Colorado Avalanche Game Worn Jerseys Facebook Group. I determined that it was just a Foote game-issued from The Jerseys Off Our Backs Night in 2009 and Foote didn’t play as he was injured. Kraig was nice enough to come up with a price of what he thought it was worth and I presented my findings to the seller. I hadn’t heard back from them until a month later, on January 31st.

That night out of the blue the eBay seller messages me and said the owner is looking to sell if I was still interested at the price Kraig came up with. They gave me the owner’s direct contact info. I didn’t waste any time and coordinated a meet-up the next day. I took a half-day off work and drove from Colorado Springs to Parker to pick up the jersey.

Kraig was nice enough to allow me to keep it since it was just Game Issued and not Game Worn.

Here’s a photo I found on Getty of the presentation of jerseys to the lucky winners! You can see the winner holding the jersey just behind Joe Sakic. Adam Foote is underneath the “key” in the KeyBank banner in a sports coat…