Adam Foote #52

WIP Reebok Edge 2.0 (Size 56) – Team Issued
Awaiting shipment to Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS) for customization

This one is going to be a little tricky to explain, but I’ll do my best. I picked up this “Blueberry” jersey with my 2015-17 Home Edge 2.0 that I made into Rantanen Rookie & First NHL Goal recreation. I originally had no intention of keeping this jersey as I knew a couple of people who were also looking for one. It made the eBay purchase a little easier to swallow.

I contacted a jersey buddy who I knew was looking for this jersey and he agreed to purchase it. But he also tossed around the idea of trading his Blueberry (Reebok Vector logo) for my Blueberry (Reebok Wordmark logo). The only downside was his was a Game Worn jersey and it’s typically frowned upon to strip and re-customize a game-worn jersey.

Then he tossed around the idea of instead of swapping jerseys entirely, why don’t we just swap the Reebok logos? After a bit of checking around I think this will be the plan moving forward, I’ll take off the Reebok wordmark logo from my jersey, he’ll do the same for his Reebok vector logo and we’ll both eventually have the style of Blueberry we’re looking for!

Here are photos of the jersey in its original state, with the Reebok Wordmark Patch