Adam Foote #52

Reebok Edge 2.0 (Size 56) – Team Issued
Reebok Wordmark to Reebok Vector patch swapped by 313 Jerseys
Customized by Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS)

This one is going to be a little tricky to explain, but I’ll do my best. I picked up this “Blueberry” jersey along with my 2015-17 Home Edge 2.0 that I made into a Rantanen Rookie & First NHL Goal recreation. I later sold the Rantanen jersey after acquiring my Rantanen Warmup Worn Military Appreciation Jersey. I originally had no intention of keeping the Blueberry as I knew a couple of people who were also looking for one, which made the eBay purchase a little easier to swallow. Even at $400 for both jerseys, I knew it was a steal!

I contacted a jersey buddy who I knew was looking for this jersey and he agreed to purchase it. After a little bit, he started tossing around the idea of trading his Blueberry (a Reebok Vector logo) for this one (a Reebok Wordmark logo). The only downside was his was a Game Worn jersey and it’s typically frowned upon to strip and re-customize a game-worn jersey. Then the stars aligned, he came up with the idea of swapping just the Reebok logos! After a bit of checking around, we moved forward with this plan. I sent the jersey and the Reebok patch off to Barlex with 313 Jerseys who did a great job with the patch swap. And unlike other Reebok Wordmark to Reebok Vector swaps, there are no giveaways this jersey started as a Wordmark, since the inside of the collar for all of the Avalanche Blueberries had the Reebok Wordmark branding. Here’s a link to Avs Jersey collecting legend Kraig Knight’s site with his Footers Blueberry Gamer!

I finally sent the jersey off to EPS in March of 2024 and had it back in hand in mid to late May, which was the fastest turnaround time I had in an EPS Order!

Here are photos of the jersey in its original state, with the Reebok Wordmark Patch