Nathan MacKinnon #29

2011-15 Reebok Edge 2.0 (Size 56) – Teame Issued
Rookie Jersey Recreation!
Jersey stripped and cleaned by Liberty Bell Jerseys
Customized by Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS)

I had this alternate jersey customized to the same style worn by MacKinnon his rookie year! 

Because of the jersey originally being issued to another player in 2013-14 I thought it’d be fun to leave on the Meigray tag.  I had Dex at Liberty Bell jerseys strip off the Meigray tags on my MacKinnon Home & Away (since those jerseys were issued to another player for the 2011-12 season).

I sent this jersey off to EPS in Jan 2022 and got it back in June 2022, about 2 months faster than I expected it!

I bought this jersey on eBay and got it for what I thought was a pretty reasonable price for an Edge 2.0 TI

“Blueberry” Wordmark.  The final bid was just under $300, not too bad for a starting bid of $250.  

This jersey was originally issued to Bryan Lerg for the 2013-14 season, but he did not make it up to the NHL.  I figured this would not be too bad of a way to get an authentic MacKinnon Blueberry versus spending thousands more on a game-worn Blueberry.  Assuming that is I could convince an owner of a MacKinnon Blueberry to sell theirs. I thought it was pretty cool that this jersey was issued for Lerg in 13-14, the same as MacKinnon’s rookie year.  Like the Silas away TI, I sent the jersey directly to Dex at Liberty Bell Jerseys to strip and clean before sending it off to EPS. 

It’s a 56 which is a bit big on me but finding an authentic version of this style of jersey is damn near impossible.  I’m a lot less hopeful with Murphy’s Law on finding a smaller size of this jersey.  I think there are some jerseys you are just happy to find one of, without worrying too much about the size. 

Here are some photos of the jersey with the original kit and of the jersey stripped…