Nathan MacKinnon #29

WIP 2020 All-Star Game – Grey
Adidas MiC (Size 54)
with Authentic 2020 All-Star Game Patch
Previous Crest already stripped when purchased. Avs Crest transplanted and fight strap added by Windy City Sweaters.
Customized by Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS)

The MiC versions of the 2020 All Star Game were definitely odd, having elements of MiC, Indo, and replica jerseys. For example they don’t have fight straps like a replica replica and they don’t have reinforced and double stitched elbows, like an Indo. The dimples definitely look similar to MiC jerseys, but the cut is most similar to an Indo. Lastly the sizing is unlike any other jerseys, you typically need to subtract 2-4 sizes to get an idea of how this will fit. So this 54 probably fits closer to a 50 Indo.

Anyway I picked up this 2020 All Star MiC Jersey on Discord and eventually found an Avalanche 2020 All Star “Indo” on Facebook to use and transplant the crest from to the MiC jersey. MBur at Windy City Sweaters did the crest swap and added an MiC fight strap to the MiC jersey. We also picked up a sublimated NHLPA patch for this jersey and my 2023 All Star Jersey from Sask on Discord. Now all that is left is sending it off to EPS for proper on-ice customization!

Here is the All Star MiC Jersey in the state it was when I purchased it. The previous crest had already been stripped off by the original owner. I believe it was originally a New Jersey Devils jersey.

Here are before and after photos of the Indo Avalanche ASG jersey that I used the crest from to attach to my MiC jersey. I found what I believed to be a CCM/Koho era Avalanche crest to use on the jersey before listing it and selling it on eBay…