Nathan MacKinnon #29

WIP 2023 All-Star Game (Western Conference White)
Adidas Prime Green MiC (Size 58)
With Game Issued All-Star Game Patch

Customized by Exclusive Pro Sports (EPS)

These 2023 All-Star MiC jerseys started popping up on eBay in late March 2023. The first one was a Western Conference in Black and a size 56. Over the next couple of days, more and more started surfacing from one seller. Phelps, one of my jersey buddies, managed to snag a Black Western Conference jersey in a size 58 from the seller’s website. Another jersey buddy, Geoff, reached out to Phelps offering him a White Western Conference size 58 jersey.

Phelps then messages me and asks if I snagged one, and if not do I want one? Without hesitation I let Phelps know I’m interested. He offers me the Black Western Conference jersey at the price he’ll pay Geoff for the White, which was about $150 less than what the Blacks sold for! I was pretty stoked and knew that 2017 MacKinnon Edge 2.0 All-Star jersey wouldn’t last much longer before I caved and bought it, completing (for now) my MacKinnon All-Star Jersey collection!

A couple days later, Phelps messages me and shows me a jersey he bought, and asks if I’m ok keeping the White one, so he can sell the Black one to recoup more money to help offset that new purchase. I let him know that’d be AOK with me, as MacKinnon scored goals in both games. The Black Western Conference jerseys, even in an “Indo” jersey weren’t available for retail purchase, so that would have been fun to have a Black Western Conference jersey, but on the other hand, the Central Division wore the White jerseys in the “Championship” game against the Atlantic Division. MacKinnon scored 2 goals in the first game against the Pacific Division, and one goal in the second game against the Atlantic, so either way I’ll have a recreation All-Star Game goal jersey!

I’m also pretty sure I already have a Team Issued Avalanche shoulder patch for this jersey!